About Us

Love Better is a revolutionary company that is disrupting the materialist nature of the big brands around us. While their goals are to make money by any means necessary, we approach business with a radically different notion. Love Better is trying to promote a lifestyle which encourages us, even in times of adversity, to love better. While it is important to live this lifestyle individually, we as a company embody this message through our practices in the following ways:


We believe that providing deserving young people assistance in pursuing higher educations is a necessity to cultivate the atmosphere we hope to create. We plan on rewarding a hardworking student with a scholarship to assist in supporting them as they strive to make the world a better place.


We all know the real distress and worries that come with us or a loved one going through a medical difficulty. Although we may not directly be able to stop these things, we do plan on providing both donations to people who suffer from prostate or breast cancer and also to aid our communities in dealing with the effects and not letting anyone go through this alone.

Community Outreach:

We plan to not only help out in our communities through donations and awareness campaigns but also pursue the hard conversations and tasks that can strengthen our communal relationships. Love Better, through a never done before youth organized First Responder's Breakfast, is working to start a dialogue between local young people and the first responders in their neighborhoods. Although some issues are bigger than any one person or community, we believe that showing mutual respect and appreciation can only have positive outcomes.